Welcome at the website of Cargo Compliance Company.

Laws and regulation, a necessary evil or a pruduct that can provide you a competative edge in your market?

In both cases your company will effected by rules and regulations and you will experience the complexity as well as the frequency of changes in rules and regulations, which in some cases require additional expertise.

Cargo Compliance Company is founded to assist you to comply with a variety of rules and regulations in the airfreight business, that will be applicable to you, being part of the logistics chain.

Our expertise area’s:

  • EU verordening 185/2010; Recent EU regulations for airfreight security
  • ICAO/IATA; Dangerous Goods shipments by Air
  • ADR; Dangerous Goods shipments by Road
  • IMDG; Dangerous Goods shipments by Sea
  • PGS-15; Storage regulations for Dangerous Goods
  • Code 95; Refresher courses professional drivers
  • AEO; certification simplifies customs procedures and safety

Compliance Operations

Safe repackaging, labeling and documentation of shipments in accordance with the existing rules and regulations


Safe Storage

Your dangerous goods are in safe hands!



The training and assessment of your employees.



Giving advice on safe storage, storage equipment and security matters.



The provision of information (publications and software) in order to allow you to take the right decisions.



The delivery of all supplies which are in compliance with the applicable regulations. See our WebShop and order safely and quickly the Supplies you need


Screening Airfreight

For each of the expertise area’s, Cargo Compliance Company offers a solid solution ; either by means of an operational solution (outsourcing) like re-packing and documentation of Dangous Goods shipments ; by means of a variety of training modules for Dangerous Goods and/or airfreight security or by means of consultancy to assist you with any of these compliance issues in your daily operation.

We gladly work closely with you, to determine the best solution for your unique situation, in order for you to be compliant in the best optimal way both effective and (cost) efficient. This way your compliant status can provide you with a competative edge in your market and you will avoid any unpleasant surprises.

If you would like to know what we can do for you? Please contact us today with your request or if you just want to ask a question. We gladly get in contact with you and are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss the possibilities.